3D Printing Services

With more than 60 3D printers, the I2M Makerspace adds significant 3D printing capacity to any school or classroom.  By joining the Invent2Make Program, we will print up to 500 design files and ship them directly to your school at no additional charge.  We also offer monthly 3D printing subscription plans and a la carte 3D printing services which are tailored specifically to your school's or classroom's needs.

Invent2Make 3D printing services offer many benefits that enhance and expand use of 3D printing in the classroom:

  • Increases Capacity to Support More Students:  Desktop 3D printing is inherently slow - just one print can take several hours to complete.  Printing parts for an entire class, then, can take several days or even weeks if using one or just a few 3D printers.  Print capacity quickly becomes a bottleneck when trying to support a class or school in a timely manner.  Invent2Make will remove this bottleneck by substantially increasing your print capacity with more than 60 printers that can be operated around the clock.
  • Alleviates 3D Printing Responsibilities of Educators:  Utilizing the Invent2Make Makerspace for classroom 3D printing removes the burden from the educator of ensuring that a design is 3D printable, utilizing the appropriate print settings, monitoring the printer to verify that it is printing in a correct and safe manner, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.
  • No Maintenance or Troubleshooting Required:  3D printers require routine maintenance, and certain critical parts such as the hot end are considered "consumable" by 3D manufacturers, meaning they will need to be replaced on a regular basis.  Additionally print issues and failures are relatively common, and 3D printers can be difficult to get back online once they inevitably experience some issue.  Partnering with Invent2Make removes the responsibility of maintenance and troubleshooting from the educator.
  • Expands Capabilities for Oversized Prints, Dual Head Printing and Material Types and Colors:  Schools may not have access to the printer formats or materials required to meet a student's vision for a particular project, which may require a large build volume, dual head printing, a specialty filament, or even just a particular color. The 3D printers in the I2M Makerspace feature both standard and large format build volumes, dul head extruders, and a wide variety of filament colors and types, including PLA, ABS, PETG, nylon, flexible and wood and metal infused.

Leveraging the I2M Makerspace for some or all printing needs ensures educators have the resources to seamlessly integrate 3D printing projects into their lesson planning.  

To request more information regarding Invent2Make 3D printing services, please contact us using the form below.

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