Invent3D Printers

Available for sale or lease, the INVENT3D printer is the only printer on the market designed from the ground up specifically and exclusively for educational use to meet the needs educators and students.

Current printer models are optimized to include the latest printer technology as well as incorporate feedback and lessons learned through years of use in educational settings to enhance functionality in learning environments. The standard integrated auto-level sensor with factory calibration ensures consistently repeatable high quality prints. GeckoTek print surface provides superior adhesion and surface finish, allowing the entire print surface to be utilized for multiple simultaneous prints without lifting. An optional interchangeable High Speed hot end allows for printing at up to 4x the speed, increasing production capacity for better throughput of student projects.  Invent3D printers are made in the USA to the highest quality standards.

The Invent3D printers feature a 250mm x 250mm x 180mm build volume and are available with dual head and heated bed options.  These printers feature industry-leading 3-year standard warranties to ensure that your printer will remain in good working condition for years to come.

Focusing exclusively on educational clients assures a high level of support to educators committed to maximize the potential learning experiences from 3D printers.  We offer real time virtual technical support and training, with classes and one on one sessions in basic and advanced 3D design, slicing and printer use and maintenance.  Our comprehensive warranties and dedicated support site minimize printer downtime.

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