Invent2Make Projects and Curriculum

STEAM Career Exploration

Invent2Make Projects and Curriculum enable students to explore STEAM career pathways and develop essential career adaptability skills throughout their learning journey.

A complete listing of Invent2Make Projects and Curriculum is presented in the following table:

 Title Grades Kit?*
Science & Health
Rockin' With Newton's Cradle 4-8 Yes
Eureka, I Have It! 6-9 Yes
Scholastic Helmet Challenge 7-12 Yes
Environmental Sustainability 7-12 N/A
Composting, Nature's Fertilizer 4-8 Yes
Introduction to Biomedical Science** 8-12 N/A
Engineering & Math
Gaining Traction on Mars (Levels 1 & 2) 4-12 Yes
Spacecraft Safety 3-6 Yes
Let It Glide (Levels 1 & 2) 4-12 Yes
Blowing in the Wind 6-9 Yes
Solar Groovy** 6-12 Yes
The Gear Challenge 7-10 N/A
Technology & Computer Science
Measuring the Moon 7-10 Yes
Breathe Safely 6-9 Yes
All Things STEM 5-8 N/A
Design Solutions for Today and Tomorrow 5-8 N/A
Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking 8-12 N/A
Digital Art, Graphics and Game Design
Colors of the Rainbow 3-6 Yes
It's All a Game** 6-10 N/A
Nature's Wearable Art 5-10 N/A
Puppetry 3-12 N/A
It's Puzzling 3-8 N/A
Biz3D 7-12 N/A
Creative Entrepreneurship 5-9 N/A
The Shirt Factory 4-8 N/A
Advanced Manufacturing
Principles of Additive Manufacturing 4-9 N/A
Making It 4-12 N/A

*Kits available in the Invent2Make Lending Library and for individual sale

**Under development