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Let It Glide

Let It Glide

Optimize glider components and build a glider to achieve maximum stable flight In this NASA-inspired project.

  • Explore the science and history of manned flight.
  • Learn how Bernoulli’s principle and Newton's Laws enable flight.
  • Assemble the glider kit for testing and experimentation.
  • Investigate crucial aerodynamics and physics concepts such as lift, drag, mass, weight, center of mass, center of gravity, center of pressure, angle of attack, force and acceleration.
  • Select a NACA wing profile from the index of options, design a wing for the glider, and design the wing skeleton from a design software application.
  • Laser cut the wing skeleton and assemble the wing.
  • Design and fabricate the glider tail.
  • Test fly the modified glider while varying the angle of attack of the wings, the center of gravity, and various launch forces to achieve optimum glide ratio and distance. 
  • Worksheets, discussion questions and rubric for student presentations.
  • For grades 6th to 12th.
  • Approximately 15 contact hours.

Individually packaged kit has all parts and materials to build the Let it Glide glider.  Assembly instructions, project curriculum, video design tutorials and supplemental resources are provided. Includes fabrication and shipping of one set of wings project design using the Invent2Make Makerspace.

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