Why Invent2Make?

The rapid change of technologies that support our global economy has created new and rapidly evolving STEM career opportunities for students who can innovate and think creatively.  The goal of Invent2Make is to partner with educators to enable students to become creative problem solvers that can work as productive team members to accomplish innovative and exciting outcomes to today's challenges.  Achieving this is more than renaming a math or science class as STEM but rather integrating STEM learning opportunities into a broad range of course content.

In support of this goal, Invent2Make has five foundational core principles:

  1. Every student is a STEM student and will need technology in her/her vocation and career.
  2. As a result of the ubiquitous use of internet connected devices by even the youngest students, knowledge is no longer power but a commodity.  Today, power is the ability to apply that knowledge.
  3. Problem or Project Based Learning is most effective when students can "invent" and "make" their ideas into artifacts of learning (more than just a slide deck).
  4. Creativity is as essential to education as literacy.
  5. Education mist instill in students a passion for lifelong learning.

Your students need more than an education to be prepared for career and life success.  Together we are successful if we can nurture students who:

  • Are capable of independent and creative problem solving.
  • Recognize their ideas have value.
  • Effectively communicate their ideas, uninhibited by fear of failure,
  • Embrace the rapid pace of evolving technology and are competitive in an increasingly global society.
  • Are excited by opportunities enabled by lifelong learning.

Students learn by doing; learn to be creative by having opportunities to create; learn to rise to a challenge by being challenged.  Invent2Make has been developed to provide students these opportunities.