Essential Career Adaptability Skills

Employers universally agree that the best job candidates will have learned and developed adaptability skills essential for career success. 

    Invent2Make introduces these skills to students early in their learning journey and to continue to provide opportunities for their continued development:

    • Communication skills:  Students learn to clearly express ideas and actively listen to other team members' ideas as they brainstorm solutions to the Invent2Make project challenges.
    • Interpersonal skills:  Students learn to effectively interact with other students in healthy, positive ways as they share and critique ideas and contribute to the success of the team in accomplishing the Invent2Make project learning objectives.
    • Problem-solving skills:  Students learn to apply experimental data and analysis embedded in Invent2Make projects in developing a technically viable approach to creating their unique prototype.
    • Creative and strategic thinking skills:  Students are challenged to find ways to test their creativity in the prototype design, fabrication, testing and improvement of the unique project solution.
    • Teamwork skills:  The project team approach of Invent2Make projects enables students to learn to adapt to different personalities and working dynamics of a diverse group of students.
    • Organizational skills:  Class presentations at the conclusion of Invent2Make projects provide students with the opportunity to organize their thoughts, ideas, approaches, results, and documentation in multi-media formats.