Invent2Make Makerspace

Located in Youngstown (OH), the Invent2Make Makerspace offers access to a diverse array of digital manufacturing equipment and expert staff of the Invent2Make Makerspace.  The I2M Makerspace provides all of the necessary tools and resources to bring students’ inventions to life, offering assistance and expertise in every step of the fabrication process:


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The I2M Makerspace features a design and training studio with computer workstations, design software and presentation tools to host and facilitate training and events.  

On the fabrication side, the I2M Makerspace features a large production work area with state-of-the-art digital manufacturing technologies: 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills and routers, vinyl printers and cutters, and 3D scanners.  The I2M makerspace is cloud enabled, allowing virtual interaction with equipment and staff though an integrated network of cameras.

The I2M makerspace also features testing space for I2M projects: a large simulated "Martian" surface sandbox, Mars rover test tracks and a glider launching and flying space.

From virtual or in person flied trips to making students' creations come to life, the I2M Makerspace is open and available to support your educational programming and objectives.