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We are industry leaders in creating classroom makerspaces for educational institutions ranging from elementary schools to community colleges.  We have designed and installed makerspaces across the country and for a variety of use cases.  No two facilities are alike, and we work hand-in-hand with our clients to build a makerspace that meets their needs and will best serve their students.  From large innovation labs to shipping container makerspaces to career training centers, we have a solution for your use case and budget.

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Traditional, classroom makerspaces provide a designated area within a school that can be used by students both in school, and (if available) after school, to design, innovate and invent.  Some advantages of a fixed makerspace, as opposed to a transportable makerspace, are that there is generally more room to house larger and noisier equipment, the larger area allows more students to use the makerspace concurrently and there is no chance that the equipment will be disturbed or damaged during transport.   Classroom makerspaces provide a central location for intended users and can provide a popular meeting place for students to congregate both in and outside of class.  Additionally a fixed makerspace can serve as a central hub that supports a distributed group of schools and/or students.

Classroom makerspaces can be cloud-enabled with cameras and internet to allow remote access and use of the facility resources.  The cloud enabled makerspace becomes a virtual extension of the classroom, serving to augment the resources of member schools to expand capacity or provide access to more expensive machinery.  The central makerspace staff can provide remote instruction, training and production support, shipping student projects to their appropriate locations.  

We offer turnkey makerspace solutions and a la carte makerspace services in the following areas: planning, conceptual and detailed design, budgeting, scheduling, sourcing and procurement, buildout support, installation, testing, training, operations and maintenance.

If you are interested in creating a makerspace at your school or institution, we would love the opportunity to discuss your project with you to see where we can help.  Please contact us using the below form.

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