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Eureka! I've Found It!

Eureka! I've Found It!

Learn the stories of a great flood told by more than 100 cultures, then design and build a scale model of your own vessel based on a flood story.  Use this boat to demonstrate Archimedes' Principle and seaworthiness.

  • Discover some of the earliest boat concepts including Noah and the Ark.
  • Learn about Archimedes’ Principle and the concepts of buoyancy, flotation, water displacement, mass, density, and volume that were not understood in the design of boats at the time of the great floods.
  • Learn about Archimedes and how to use his principle to determine weight, volume, mass, density, and specific gravity of almost any item.
  • Build a small boat from aluminum foil and experiment to optimize its buoyancy.
  • Use the project kit to identify various material samples through experimentation to determine their density and specific gravity.
  • For grades 5th to 8th.
  • Approximately 8 to 10 contact hours.

Individually packaged kit has all parts and materials to design and build the Eureka! model and conduct experiments.  Assembly instructions, project curriculum, video design tutorials and supplemental resources are provided. Includes fabrication and shipping of one design file using the Invent2Make Makerspace. 

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