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Our Projects

Every Invent2Make Project includes the key components of Learn, Experiment and Invent:

Learn:  Engaging, standards-aligned content that encourages exploration of specific concepts and principles using videos, articles and original content is provided. Independent research is encouraged through sources and subject matter experts available through various mediums.  Thought questions are presented to provide an opportunity for reflection.  Activities are incorporated to reinforce project concepts.

Experiment:  A project kit is assembled and used in observing and developing empirical data to reinforce the scientific theories, principles and concepts of the Learn component. In addition to specific experiments that the kit supports, a supplemental design challenge is included to encourage to foster independent thinking and analysis.  Thought questions are provided that require deep thinking and reflection on the learning experience.

Invent:  Design challenges are presented to encourage critical thinking and analysis of various alternatives to arrive at a meaningful solution to authentic, open-ended problems.  The knowledge learned in the two previous components is used as input to an iterative design process to research, brainstorm, conceptualize, design, build, test, and evaluate.  Step-by-step CAD video tutorials are included. Designs are produced using available equipment or, alternatively, at the Invent2Make Makerspace.

Invent2Make Projects are authentic project-based learning to increase student motivation and engagement. Students not only learn content but apply that content to create their own solutions to relevant challenges. Students create their challenge solutions using digital manufacturing tools such as 3D printers and computer aided design (CAD) programs that demonstrate their understanding of the content. Projects and activities can be completed in teams or individually.  Invent2Make Projects are adaptable to any learning environment - in-person, blended or remote.

Educators are facilitators who guide active learning and keep their students engaged by supporting their creativity and problem-solving with self-directed activities, experiments and projects.

Invent2Make's lessons are aligned to Common Core, Next Generation Science and ISTE Standards to enable teachers to incorporate into their existing lesson plans to reinforce student learning and comprehension through problem-based learning.  Lessons and project materials are available in Google Drive so that teachers can create their own Google Classrooms with the instructional resources.  Invent2Make lessons and projects range from 6 to 15 contact hours and can be modified as needed.

Invent2Make Project are designed for students in middle and high school.


Innovation and experimentation are key to  INNOVEX Projects which challenge students with complex subject matter and projects. Students build the project kit and then enhance or test performance through experimentation and innovation.  INNOVEX Projects can typically be completed in 15 contact hours. 


Focusing on investigation and experimentation (I/X), these projects can be completed in 6 to 10 hours. Students perform investigation activities to demonstrate their understanding of lessons, build the project kit to perform experiments and analyze their results. STEAM I/X includes optional design challenges.

All Invent2Make Projects feature:

  • Data collection sheets to document innovation and experimentation activities.

  • Reflection questions are provided. Student presentations are encouraged.

  • Projects are aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Options for team or individual work that can be done in school, blended or distance environment.

  • Design video tutorials enable students to create CAD or 2D reference design solutions that they may modify for their own custom solution, if the project provides this option.