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Breathe Safely

Breathe Safely

Build a test space helmet and create an Arduino test circuit with sensors and warning system in this NASA-inspired project.

  • Learn about spacesuits and the myriad of functions and environmental conditions that must be considered when designing these “mini spacecrafts.”
  • Learn about space travel, its history, and goals and about the technology that propels it.
  • Experiment with a specially designed Alka Seltzer rocket to learn how rocket engines work.
  • Learn about Arduinos and circuit design as well as various sensors and components that can be incorporated into a circuit.
  • Design a circuit and simulate its response.
  • Assemble a test space helmet and incorporate sensors for simulated radiation (light) and gas contaminants in the air supply in accordance with the circuit design.
  • Program an Arduino using block visual coding to experiment with the space helmet sensors.
  • Add a proximity sensor and develop code to warn of an impending impact from a small asteroid or “space junk.”
  • Worksheets, discussion questions and rubric for student presentations.
  • For grades 7th to 9th.
  • Approximately 12 contact hours.

Individually packaged kit with all parts and materials needed to build the Breathe Safely test unit. Assembly instructions, project curriculum, video design tutorials and supplemental resources are provided.

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